Tuesday, March 22, 2011

Blog World!

Well I didn't think I would ever have one of these till I had kids to write funny stories about. But I found myself sitting on my couch on a Tuesday night bored, while Kyle was attending "Tues for Dudes" .......boys. So my sincere boredom, after cleaning my house, searching through the tv channels for ANYTHING to watch, finishing my homework...... a day before it was due (If that doesn't sum up how bored I was, you won't understand), beating Kyle's top scores in our new hunting game for the wii (good luck beating that Kyle:), led to making a blog. I think Kyle secretly wanted me to make one of these. So here you go cute style Kyle! Wish me luck.

The Porterfield's


  1. How exciting! Welcome to the blogging world!

  2. I'm with Taylor HAHA. Now start a blog for Lindsey. We'll post for her if she isn't up to it. Oh I like that idea. I love your profile description of you two. And by the way we need photographic evidence of the high score. By the way, is this your way of making an announcement?

  3. By the way, sorry for the multiple by the ways. By the way.

  4. I have been ordered to "recomment" Megan is not making an announcement. But maybe Kyle is. Or maybe they don't know yet that there is an announcement to make. Stayed tuned...

  5. Yea!!! Welcome to the blogging world. Now I have one more person to ask questions about how all this works. And what's this about an announcements?