Tuesday, November 6, 2012


I am so grateful to be a member of the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints. Especially tonight after feeling a little despair about our country. No matter what, God is in charge. I had to step back from my feelings and upset thoughts to remember that great truth. More to come tomorrow.

Thursday, September 13, 2012

The Start of the Journal

Dear Kensie,

I want to use this blog to write you things that you will be able to read when you are older. I want you to know what life was like for you when you can't remember, or in your later years, when you choose to have selective memory. Your dad and I love you sooo much. Life has gotten so much better since you have been born. You have been to 4 states already and you aren't even a month old! Lucky girl. This was traumatizing for me because, maybe I'm still like this when you are reading this, but I am quite the worrier. I did not want to take you out a day before six weeks to make sure you were safe as can be. But because of a sad event of your Uncle Ben passing away, we made our way to Vegas.

 I hope that by the time you are old enough to read this I have shown you and allowed you to feel like you know your Uncle Ben. He passed when you were exactly a week old. When he saw a picture of you the day you were born he was shocked at how dark you were. His exact words were, "are you sure that isn't Sanchez's kid?!" (Everyone thought the strong, blonde Schiess genes would stay true with you, but as we could see, your dad took the cake. You are his clone at this age.) Ben was kind, funny, fun to be around, and had a laugh that I love and can hear every time I think about him. I loved him dearly and still love him so much. I wish so muh that you had a chance to get to know him.

When we went to Vegas you were 12 days old every single one of your aunts and grandparents were SO excited to see you. But me being my paranoid self, had to check out the territory and make sure everyone was healthy and germless. I annoyed everyone because I was so paranoid. We started out the trip with a full LARGE bottle of hand sanitizer and got our money's worth by the time we went home. You did so good the entire drive there and drive back. Before you were born, it pained your dad to stop on road trips. I used to pack enough food to hold me over for 10 hour car drives. Seriously, terrible. My bladder grew to be very strong before you were born from these long, stopless, car drives. But for you, your dad dug deep, deep down inside and found patience to stop every three hours to let you get some chub on your cheeks. But don't think for a second that he didn't contemplate me leaning over the car seat and nursing you as we drove.

The best story from this trip was on our way home. Your dad was trying to hurry and get to Provo before your Aunt Kassey's restaurant that she bakes cookies at closes. We were cutting it really close so he was begging me to hurry and feed you. Couldn't miss out on them cookies! Well, because we love food more than people probably should, we decided hurrying would be a good idea. You made sure that we were wrong. I fed you on one side and thinking I would speed the process up, I decided I would burp you after both sides instead of in between them and after. I started changing your diaper in between sides so you didn't blow out onto your outfit and while your diaper was off, you started choking! Your dad grabbed you so fast off my lap (still diaperless from changing you) and started patting your back to get you to stop choking. He stuck his hand under your bum and you started peeing all over him, right after, you projectile vomited onto his shirt. How lady like of you to come out of both ends on your dad! It was sooo funny, and it definitely taught your dad who's schedule we're on. It was so great.

Every day you get stronger, more smiley, and more of a personality. You are so loved by everyone that sees you. You have met almost all of your aunts and uncles. Just two more to call it complete! And they all adore you. You are showered with new toys and clothes from everyone. Especially your Aunt Linney. Almost every outfit you wear has something Linney has boughten you. I swear she doesn't step out of her house without buying you something new. Keep it comin Lin!

We love you so much Kens. You have brought so much happiness and love to our home. You make four hours of sleep worth it. I am so grateful for you in my life. God has blessed us with you. You are such a happy baby and I adore you. Pretty much, I can't stop taking pictures of you. I overload instagram with your cute face and I am sure people are getting sick of it. Ask me if I care. NOPE! Thank you for being such an angel. I can't imagine my life without your sweet self and it's only been three and a half weeks.

Love you so much baby girl,

Thursday, May 5, 2011

Finally a Purpose...

Well I finally found a purpose for my blog... to keep a live journal of all of the.... what's the word.... OUTRAGEOUS things people say that are in my life.. It's quite comical. Today is special, there are two blog worthy quotes to write down.

Quote number 1: Katie Simpson: (In the middle of our conversation on the phone) Anna, if you don't stop touching that box I'm going to kill you! (If you know Katie and her kids... then you would know that her threat should be taken more seriously than most)

Quote number 2: Taylor Evans: (Driving in her car) Kyle: Taylor, does your car have seat warmers?
Taylor: Ya Victor sure does (she named her car Victor) It's great... I fart and then the seat warms up... get it... seat warmers!

Trust me, with the people surrounding me, there will be MANY more to come. I love you all!

Tuesday, March 22, 2011

Blog World!

Well I didn't think I would ever have one of these till I had kids to write funny stories about. But I found myself sitting on my couch on a Tuesday night bored, while Kyle was attending "Tues for Dudes" .......boys. So my sincere boredom, after cleaning my house, searching through the tv channels for ANYTHING to watch, finishing my homework...... a day before it was due (If that doesn't sum up how bored I was, you won't understand), beating Kyle's top scores in our new hunting game for the wii (good luck beating that Kyle:), led to making a blog. I think Kyle secretly wanted me to make one of these. So here you go cute style Kyle! Wish me luck.

The Porterfield's